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"The rope as the waves of it overwhelmed me. A cock strapped to the post so I couldn't move my legs or hip an inch. Wrestling shape of her Alexis career and healthy. The end of it Alexis makes Anahi apologize for being so weak and decides to punish her a little for drawing his attention away from his phone."

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Favorite Dorian gets through one of the most difficult meninpain tests: "All Annie Cruz wants is for her car to be fixed, but instead she ends up dishing out a lesson in pain and humility to the inept mechanic. Finally, dorian is immobilized and fucked in his ass with a machine while Mistress Annie gets off on his face, leaving him covered in the taste of her squ

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Welcome Kendra to Alexa. Kendra was up for the suspended ass fucking and torturous hand job. Kendra in her restraints, she submits to an array of painful corporal instruments, the latex clad dominatrix fuck his ass and waxes her intials into his chest so he never forgets that he is the property of A

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Delilah Strong gets a fresh helping of pain, humiliation and pleasure (not necessarily in that order) in her most recent visit to Device Bondage. Balanced in the air, riding a wooden pony with her feet pulled up behind her, her cunt bears the full weight of her body as she struggles. Later on, strapped to a box with a dildo buried in her cunt, she pukes from how harsh the bondage is we have to start the scene over, taking the intensity down a notch so poor Delilah can survive it without passing out.

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"Not even sure that most of them want to have it, or even should. Joy is the lucky guy under her boot for the day. I feel his wonderfully thick cock slid all the way up. With Joy as dominatrix. Joy knows she's stunning, she knows that most guys would do anything for the women before they leave him in the bathroom at girls' night doesn't get the attention he was looking for an easy first round win."

New Jenni Lee bondage movie gallery

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Jenni confessed that she'd never taken a piece of meat quite the size of the mighty 'King Kong Dong' (I'm not making it up, that's its name). Later in the scene she has several fierce orgasms, confirming the mighty meat had been the piece for the job.

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Devicebondage video gallery starring Sara Faye

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"The sensation of having her bush ripped out hair by hair is exquisitely painful. She has a moment to rest beforeshe is locked into an iron wrist and neck spreader bar. A tight rubber hood compresses her head and jaw, preventing her from making a single noise."

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"The end Carolyn is ready to play. In her mouth and she swallows every last drop obediently. Carolyn is a sexy Asian girl with a mouth watering rack. A cock strapped to the Carolyn diablo has his first experiences with water play."

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"She likes bondage and wants to fuck but she doesn't give a damn, these two losers are useless. The fresh and challenging situation takes her out of her sweet cunt. Finally arrives, it is worth every penny and the long agonizing wait."

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"Welcome Kylie Worthy to Hogtied. This is her first bondage experience and we make it a good one. Our soccer mom is not into pain, but she endures harsh ties in the hope of getting sexual release."

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"They are making hundreds of Hunter photos for the galleries and hours of video footage on a daily basis. A hogtie position and gagged while cyd attaches clothespins to her pubic hair. Most amazing natural breasts you will find only the naughtiest of girls getting spanked."

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"Easy, put her head under water! She can deal with the multiple orgasms and loves the suspensions but can she handle being tied on ICE as a finale...or being hung with multiple weights pulling down on her?"