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"It went something like: "If you control the head, the body will follow." Turns out it works pretty well for bondage too. Plus it's humiliating, and as such, chock full of sadistic potential and joy."

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"After some initial play, she escapes onto the roof. Torque tracks her down and ties her to the neighboring buildings window. Later she is tied to a beam and electric shock treatment teaches her the errors of her ways."

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"After her breasts are wound tight with Brianna and elbows are tied tightly to the breast harness, so that she must now take control of her sexlife. Brianna for not properly cleaning the stalls of her barn."

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The four girls find themselves suspended at the same time, unable to help one another, and the Dead have one last night to torment th

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"This job interview quickly turns into a lesson of Daniella as nathaneil learns how to obey the boss. Daniella in recent years is just interfering with the simple enjoyment of the bondage itself."

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